Heat your home with proven quality

Are you aware of the parameters and quality of gas when ordering it to heat your home? Do you know that often cheaper propane-butane mixtures instead of pure propane are offered on the market, which are not as effective as pure propane in winter conditions? A seemingly cheaper purchase may ultimately turn out to be a more expensive solution.

For standard domestic heating systems you should use propane of certified quality. High-quality propane evaporates virtually completely from the system, so it is very efficient. The situation is different with heavier butane, which is more difficult to vaporise in more difficult weather conditions. Of course, there are special solutions for propane-butane systems, but the standard domestic system works best with propane.

It is advisable to use reliable propane suppliers who have confirmed quality certificates. The certificate should be issued for a specific batch of gas by an accredited laboratory. The propane content should exceed 90%. Ask your supplier about the certificate, and when choosing fuel for heating your home, do not be guided only by the lowest price – savings may be illusory.