Gas cylinders

We focus on

the highest quality and safety.

1. Detailed monitoring during filling

Each 11kg TEZET CYLINDER is filled at our bottling plant. It has a numbered TEZET heat shrink seal on the valve and valid verification by the Office of Technical Inspection.

2. Certified quality of gas

The quality of bottled gas from TEZET is always in compliance with the LPG standard (PN-EN 589), whether it is a cylinder for forklift trucks or a communal cylinder (e.g. for a gas cooker). This means that the cylinder filled at the TEZET bottling plant always contains pure, tested and certified gas.

3. Gas volume guarantee

Each cylinder filled at the TEZET bottling plant is weighed twice – we guarantee that there is always as much gas in the cylinder as paid for by the customer.

Proper operation of a properly connected TEZET gas cylinder ensures full safety.