Tank systems

planning or starting to build a house?
having a tank leased from another supplier, but paying high bills?
considering changing to eco-friendly heating for your home?

TEZET TANK INSTALLATION is the best solution for you. We know how important for you is to have a warm home, our system will provide complete maintenance-free operation, comfort and safety.

Are you an entrepreneur, do you run a company, are you interested in modern and comfortable yet economical solutions?

Regardless of the industry, the TANK SYSTEM from TEZET is an excellent source of energy. Wide application of liquid gas in business:

AGRICULTURE: animal husbandry, drying facilities, mushroom growing facilities, greenhouses, processing

INDUSTRY: bakeries, butcheries, road building, industrial hall heating, production processes, glassworks, construction

SERVICES: hotels, restaurants, laundries, car washes

We value the entrepreneur’s time and money. The type of contract is tailored to individual needs. We provide professional care on a daily basis, and we care about the comfort and safety of your business.

TEZET tank system in five steps:

Are you considering installing a liquid gas tank, but you are not sure if this is the solution for you, if it is possible on your property, where to place the tank, what size it should be, what the approximate costs of installation will be and what the expected gas consumption is. Do you have other questions related to liquid gas…?

Our experienced consultant will come to meet you, preferably at the installation site. The consultant will choose the appropriate type of tank, determine the possible location while maintaining the required distances, discuss possible offer options and answer any questions.

Take advantage of the subsidy programme for thermal modernisation – financial support for property owners who decide to change their furnace for a modern and green one.

CONTRACT TYPE tailored to your needs:

OWNED TANK INSTALLATION – a solution for customers who want to be independent from one gas supplier. Higher installation cost than in the case of a system with a leased tank but no exclusivity of supply from a single supplier.

TANK TYPE to suit your needs::

ABOVE-GROUND TANK – quick to install, lower installation costs than an underground tank, recommended for high groundwater levels. Available in capacities from 2700 litres/ 4850 litres/ 6400 litres/ 9200 litres – each with or without DN32 connector).

UNDERGROUND TANK – recommended for small plots (shorter distances to other objects required), invisible ( does not interfere with the architecture of the site). Available in capacities from 2700 litres/ 4850 litres/ 6400 litres/ 9200 litres).

GAS SUPPLIES tailored to your needs:

TEZET supplies gas to both leased and owned tanks


Care, assistance and constant contact with a TEZET consultant at all stages of project’s implementation:

– Choosing an offer tailored to the customer’s needs, signing of a contract
– Providing the customer with a map for design purposes
– Tank system design by TEZET
– Notification of the project to the County Office by the customer
– Construction of a tank system according to the design prepared by TEZET
– Leakage tests and protocols necessary for acceptance by the Office of Technical Inspection (UDT)
– First filling up of the tank
– Acceptance of the installation by an inspector from the Office of Technical Inspection

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