Delivery to your business

Tło kropki
Tło kropki

In our bottling plant, all cylinders (both forklift and communal ones) are filled exclusively with gas complying with PN-EN 589 standard – thanks to this we are sure that the bottling plant always contains tested and clean gas.

  • We guarantee fast and timely delivery of cylinders to your company. We provide a special cage for their storage.
  • We carry out deliveries using our own transport in south-eastern Poland. We have experience in serving both large retail chains and small businesses.
  • We provide a SAFE and TRUSTED product. We do not use external bottling plants, and we have full control over the technical condition of the cylinder and its contents.
  • For customers using forklift trucks, we only offer “closed loop” cylinders which are filled exclusively in our own bottling plant. The cylinders used are brand new or thoroughly reconditioned and cleaned.

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