Gas supply

Gas quality is our priority!

Gas for heating purposes

Only pure technical propane complying with the PN-82/C-96000 standard should be refuelled. Only this gas will ensure proper, failure-free operation of the system at any time of the year. Propane for heating purposes retains its properties (evaporates) even at very low temperatures (down to -40°C). The situation is different for a mixture of propane and butane. Butane, despite its higher calorific value compared to propane, does not evaporate at temperatures below 0°C – this means that during the heating season, only propane will evaporate from the tank, and butane will remain. As a result, the gas will be present in the tank, but it will be useless at temperatures below zero – that is, when you need it most.

Gas for technological purposes

On request, we deliver propane-butane mixtures complying with the PN-EN 589 standard, provided that the installation is equipped with an evaporator. Otherwise, we only recommend pure technical propane.
By purchasing certified gas you can be sure that it has the required hydrocarbon composition – only such gas guarantees the efficiency and failure-free operation of the plant.

Deliveries are executed by our own road tankers equipped with 40-50m long hoses (maximum distance from the filled tank to the tanker). Trained and experienced drivers together with well-established procedures enable us to guarantee full safety during deliveries.
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