Liquid gas (PROPAN) is an excellent source of energy for your home, office or business.


Why use liquid gas?

Convenient and fully maintenance-free

Modern boilers enable trouble-free and maintenance-free heating – all you need to do is set the desired heating parameters. A gas tank is sufficient for several months, during which there is no need to fuel the furnace or keep an eye on the controls. Saved space – gas boilers are smaller than heating oil boilers and coal boilers. No dirt and dust associated with storing coal in the boiler room. Versatile use – one system will provide your home/office with heat, hot water and the possibility of cooking once a gas cooker is connected. A system made and maintained by an experienced service technician is completely safe.

Accessible and cost-effective

Liquid gas can be supplied virtually anywhere where there is no access to mains natural gas. It is also a good temporary solution if the natural gas supplier declares the possibility of connection to the network in a few years – it is enough to replace the nozzles in the gas boiler. Liquid gas can be used in single- and multi-family houses, in housing estates, in agriculture (poultry houses, drying facilities), in industry (production halls, technological equipment). Heating with liquid gas is not expensive! It is cost-effective compared to solid fuels (coal, pellet or eco-pea coal) and definitely cheaper than electrical heating or fuel oil.

Clean and eco-friendly

Constantly increasing air pollution makes it necessary for each of us to take pro-ecological actions in our everyday lives. The choice of the method for heating the house is one of the most important ways of improving the air condition, reducing smog and the emission of harmful gases.
Liquid gas is a clean and environmentally safe fuel – during combustion of liquid gas significantly smaller amounts of carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, soot and ash are emitted than in the case of other fuels. Gas also limits the build-up of the greenhouse effect – the emission of carbon dioxide is twice as low as in the case of solid fuels.

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