Customs agency

TEZET Sp. z o.o. offers comprehensive

customs services.

TEZET customs agency provides customs services that cover:

  • preparing and drawing up documentation for export or import clearance,
  • declaring goods for the relevant procedure, including transit declaration (T1),
  • placing goods in temporary storage under a summary temporary storage declaration (DSK),
  • intermediation and representation before customs authorities,
  • assistance in the handling and storage of goods under customs supervision,
  • the possibility of using the excise duty suspension procedure for movements from the place of importation to the tax warehouse (we have the status of Registered Consignor).

We hold an AEO Certification, which is a confirmation of reliability and the highest quality of our services.
Services are provided by an experienced, competent and committed team. We employ highly qualified customs agents, who use the latest customs software, which significantly reduces the time of clearance and allows the necessary information to be provided electronically. This guarantees an extremely favourable time for clearance, which in turn reduces the costs associated with customs processing.
We provide professional representation before customs authorities.

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