TEZET means:

  • over 30 years of experience in the industry,
  • a proven brand
  • liquid gas only of proven high quality,
  • professional back-up services and modern infrastructure,
  • a qualified team of professionals with specialist knowledge,
  • Individual approach to Customers and continuous customer care.

What Our Clients Say

Liquid gas for families:

  • clean for air – no harmful admixtures, no dust, lower carbon monoxide emissions to the atmosphere than solid fuels,
  • clean for your home – no dust or dirt in the heating room,
  • low operating costs, high calorific value,
  • completely safe,
  • convenient and fully maintenance-free,
  • comprehensive use – heating, hot water, gas cooker,
  • independence at any time of the year,
  • available where there is no access to the natural gas grid.

Liquid gas for your vehicle:

  • lower carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide emissions compared to petrol,
  • lower emissions of toxic substances,
  • lower emissions of uncontrolled pollutants – aldehydes, benzene, heavy aromatic hydrocarbons,
  • LPG does not contain harmful lead or sulphuric anhydride,
  • The propane-butane gas mixture burns more accurately and efficiently,
  • LPG-powered vehicles comply with the stringent EU emissions standards,
  • The use of LPG allows for longer service life of the engine oil,
  • easy servicing,
  • increased vehicle range,
  • large number of refuelling points.