Proven gas quality

is our priority.

Tło kropki
Tło kropki

The offer of the TEZET’s laboratory is addressed to:

  • owners of filling stations
  • wholesale distributors
  • importers of hydrocarbon gases

Consultancy on:
◦ quality requirements for tested samples,
◦ quality of the Customer’s product: at the stage of delivery, transhipment, during production and at the release of the final product,
◦ assistance in the composition of LPG mixtures meeting the requirements of quality standards and legal regulations,
◦ requirements for commercial documents confirming product quality.

Training in the field of:
◦ taking samples of liquefied hydrocarbon gases (LPG, propane, butane, propane-butane) according to the current standard PN-EN ISO 4257 and ZN/MG/CN-18:2007 (on the premises of the terminal in Brzeźno),
◦ carrying out tests by the methods used in the Laboratory,
◦ operation of test apparatus and supervision of equipment,
◦ implementation of the Laboratory management system in accordance with PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025.

Additional services:
◦ carrying out internal audits in testing labs,
◦ giving opinions and interpretations on the samples tested.

Tło kropki

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