LPG cylinders – in everyday use, but not only

The use of gas cylinders (the most common 11 kg ones) in households is well known. They are still widely used in many locations as a source of gas for cooking. Easy replacement, cleanliness and attractive price of cylinders are the advantages appreciated by numerous consumers in mainly non-urban areas.

The compact size of the 11 kg cylinder also makes it suitable for use in portable heating appliances. Such heat sources are currently used both indoors and outdoors.  Portable heaters, patio heaters and others – the range of devices is very wide, and their use is simple and effective.

Gas cylinders are widely used in industry, and this is reflected in the construction business. Portable sources of propane-butane gas are used, among others, with a variety of burners. Forklift trucks powered by gas cylinders are also very popular. The replaceability and availability of the cylinders allows the forklift truck to operate practically without long downtimes.

What if you have permanent access to the gas mains and do not need gas cylinders at home?

They will certainly come in handy on short or long trips! Camping trips has become very popular in recent times – mainly due to the threat of coronavirus. Small cylinders weighing 2 and 3 kg are used for hiking, hillwalking and small camping trips. Cylinders with a capacity of 11 kg are a permanent element of equipment in recreational vehicles, caravans, yachts and boats, as well as holiday cabins, mobile homes, etc. For your trip you should buy cylinders from a reliable source and of proven quality. Our safety and the safety of our loved ones is of utmost importance!