Use of LPG

  1. As a fuel for powering vehicles.
    Millions of cars worldwide are powered by liquid gas. High octane number, lower CO2 emissions and, above all, significantly lower price than petrol and diesel – these are the main advantages of gas fuel. Also the variety of generations and types of LPG systems makes it possible to use LPG in virtually any type of engine, including diesel.
  2. As a fuel for forklift trucks, etc.
    The fuel is supplied in replaceable cylinders, which guarantees high mobility and ease of use. Cylinders are delivered at the place where forklift trucks operate and LPG propulsion enables continuous operation (no need to recharge) as well as low operating costs.
  3. LPG in industry.
    The propane-butane mixture is also widely used in the industrial sector. Gas cylinders are used for various works that require fuel (e.g. burners, portable heating) and, by using heating systems with a regulator, LPG is also used as a heating fuel for utility buildings, halls, warehouses, etc.
  4. LPG in households.
    The most commonly used are 11 kg cylinders that supply gas cookers. This solution is still very popular in locations without access to the gas mains. Domestic heating installations, usually fuelled with pure propane, are also very popular. It is also worth mentioning the versatile use of smaller gas cylinders (2-3 kg) as replaceable fuel for portable tourist equipment.