About LPG or the advantages of autogas

LPG, that is a propane-butane mixture offered at filling stations, has many advantages.

Do you know all of them?

  1. Fuel economy
    The most widespread advantage of LPG – translating directly into more money in the wallet. Autogas is widely available and at the same time much (approx. 50-60%) cheaper than petrol and diesel oil. Even the most advanced LPG systems will pay for themselves in less than a year with relatively average mileage.
    The more you drive, the greater your savings. Driving on LPG pays for itself most quickly when driving longer distances, when the car switches from petrol and the rest of the route is covered only on gas. Of course, modern systems shorten the period of driving on petrol to the necessary minimum, which means that the use of LPG makes a lot of sense even when driving only in the city. This is evidenced by the widespread use of LPG systems in the cars of taxi companies and car rental companies (the ultra-economical hybrid+LPG configuration is common), as well as in the vehicles of food suppliers. Also in company fleets, the fashion for diesel vehicles is gone and cost and service considerations have turned the attention of buyers to vehicles with a petrol+gas system. The internet offers a number of calculators to help compare costs and to calculate the payback period of an LPG system.
  2. Ecology
    The advantage of LPG has been known for years, mainly in western countries, and is gaining more and more importance in Poland as well. Yes, LPG is more environmentally friendly than petrol and diesel fuel, emits less carbon dioxide and nitrogen and therefore less greenhouse gases. It is worth noting that some countries have introduced restrictions on the movement of combustion engine cars in city centres, but often hybrid and LPG-powered cars are excluded from these restrictions. In times when diesel cars are targeted, investing in LPG may be a great solution also in the context of increasingly stringent environmental regulations.
  3. Comprehensive and optimal power supply.
    LPG powers the engine in its most efficient form of fuel – the gaseous state. This facilitates engine operation and, contrary to popular belief, has a positive effect on engine durability. LPG is characterised by a high degree of purity, which means its virtually unlimited lifetime. It has a high octane number (even up to about 100), which makes it more resistant to knocking combustion than petrol. However, you should remember about proper and regular servicing, and of course about the quality of the fuel!
    Thanks to the development of technology, it is possible to use gas systems in almost any car – just go to a professional workshop, which will advise the best solution.