New vehicles with LPG systems

LPG systems are often (wrongly) associated with old, heavily-used vehicles. In fact, LPG fuelling is used in modern vehicles, including those equipped with complex and powerful engines. Specialist installation workshops can perfectly configure the settings of the LPG supply so that the engine works perfectly and its performance is even better than with the factory-provided petrol supply. The development of technology has also contributed to the development of components for gas systems, which translates into a high quality offer.

Also car manufacturers are not indifferent towards LPG. The Polish market offers a dozen or so car models with pre-installed LPG propulsion, and additionally some dealers offer installation of the system after the purchase without voiding the factory warranty.

The leader in the fight for customers looking for a new car with LPG is Renault, which offers such cars both under its domestic brand and with the Dacia stamp. Sandero, Logan, Logan MCV and the hit of the Polish market – Duster – these models are available with an LPG system. All of them are equipped with 100 hp 1.0 TCe engine. In the case of this engine, LPG power translates not only into lower CO2 emissions but also improved performance (the petrol powered Duster accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 14.4 seconds, whereas with LPG this value drops to 13.8 seconds). Dacia draws attention to the small difference in price of a car with the LPG system in comparison to the basic version. The difference often does not exceed PLN 1000, which allows to pay back the cost with a relatively low mileage and at the same time significantly increases the range of the car.

Renault models Clio and Captur are also powered by the same engine. In the case of this brand, the initial surcharge is higher but, as always, it is worth asking for discounts at individual dealers. The manufacturer declares that CO2 emissions are lower by around 10-15 g/km.

Fans of savings and ecology in the form of LPG should also visit the dealerships of Korean brands Kia and Hyundai. There you will find cars powered by an 84 hp 1.2 engine equipped with an LPG system. Inexpensive and economical Kia Rio and Hyundai i20 models are perfect for city traffic and, what is the most important, equipping them with an LPG installation does not void the already famous warranty protection (7 years for Kia and 5 years for Hyundai).

Cars equipped with LPG systems can also be easily ordered at Skoda dealerships, where individual dealers cooperate with dedicated installation companies. A popular model powered by gas is the Fabia with the 1.0 MPI engine.

If you are looking for a new car for private or business use, always ask at car dealers about the possibility of equipping it with an LPG system. This solution allows you to take advantage of various discounts, and also guarantees high quality of the service and the system itself.