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Unloading and Loading Front

A 300 metre-long operating platform designed for top discharging of wide-gauge railway tankers into standard-gauge railway tankers and storage tanks.

Measurement and Monitoring Systems

The Terminal features an integrated measurement and control system which is monitored by numerous gas level sensors, while the required processing procedures are automatically operated. The equipment records all operating events in their internal memory banks.

LPG Storage Tanks

The unloading is efficient due to buried pressure tanks with a total capacity of 1000 m3, i.e. approximately 500 tons of liquid gas.

Tanker Loading Stations

Electronic car weights communicate with liquid gas filling equipment for the tankers and enable complete control over the filling process.

Fire Protection

The fire protection of the railway transhipment front is made of water cannons with a range of 80 metres and fed from a fire water tank with a capacity of 1000 m3. The actuation and control system of this protection is fully automatic. We hold periodic fire drills and education discussions with the National Fire Service units and medical services to maintain safety.


Computer visualisation provides complete information and control over the Terminal’s operation; the system operator monitors every stage of gas transhipment in real time.