About the Terminal

The TEZET Transhipment Terminal is the largest facility of this type along the eastern border of the European Union. The Terminal is located in Brzeźno near Chełm and occupies over 300.000 m². It also lies 11 km from the railway border crossing of Jagodin-Dorohusk (Ukraine-Poland). The Terminal has been thoroughly modernised in recent years. So far, the facility has transhipped several million tons of liquid gases, which ranks it as the leading terminal on the Polish-Ukrainian border.

The Terminal is designed for the transhipment of liquid hydrocarbon gases from wide-gauge railway tankers to standard-gauge tankers compliant with the EU standards.

The applied technologies and complete automation of equipment and systems guarantees safety and quality of transhipment. The TEZET Terminal meets the stringent EU requirements and frequently exceeds the requirements of current regulations.

The TEZET Terminal is officially certified as a bonded warehouse, which allows us to sell gas with paid excise or on the terms of suspended excise.