Supply by TEZET Tankers

Supply by TEZET Tankers

Do you:

  • Own an LPG station?
  • Own a liquid gas bottling plant?
  • Wish to lease gas tanks or a whole station?
  • Wish to buy gas tanks or a whole station?

Want, at the same time, reliable co-operation, a guarantee of quality and complex service support?

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We have:

  • Our own fleet of tankers
  • Modern logistical backup
  • A product of proven quality
  • Over 25 years of professional experience

We offer:

  • Gas which is compliant to current standards – every customer receives a certificate of compliance
  • Supplies according to customised schedules
  • Exclusive co-operation and adequate support
  • Continuous care by a qualified sales representative
  • An experienced technical service which is available to our customers 24/7
  • On-line Customer Zone access

We guarantee:

  • Long-term contracts which guarantee stable co-operation
  • Custom-tailored terms and conditions of co-operation to suit the demands and the expectations of our customers

Documents required to begin co-operation:

  • Licence for liquid fuel trading
  • NIP (VAT no.), REGON, KRS/abstract from business incorporation register

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