Laboratory services are mainly addressed to:


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  • owners of filling stations,
  • wholesale distributors,
  • importers of gas fuels.

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  • Sampling liquefied hydrocarbon gases (LPG, propane, butane, propane-butane) in accordance with the current PN-EN ISO 4257 and ZN / MG / CN-18: 2007 standards
  • Testing the quality of liquefied petroleum gas samples based on standardised methods with regard to:
    • hydrocarbons content (gas chromatography) acc. to PN-EN 27941:2015-12;
    • dien content (gas chromatography) acc. to PN-EN 27941:2015-12;
    • total sulphur content (UV fluorescence) acc. to ASTM D 6667;
    • motor octane number (based on calculations) acc. to PN-EN 589;
    • absolute and relative vapour pressure at (-10), (-5), 0, 10, 20, 37,8, 40, 50, 70°C (based on calculations) acc. to PN-EN ISO 8973 and PN-EN 589;
    • temperature where the relative vapour pressure is at least 150 kPA, specifying LPG class taking account of the summer and winter season (based on calculations) acc. to PN-EN ISO 8973 and PN-EN 589;
    • copper corrosion test (visual assessment) acc. to PN-EN ISO 6251;
    • hydrogen sulphide presence (visual assessment) acc. to PN-EN ISO 8819;IMG_3484
    • water presence (visual assessment) acc. to PN-EN 15469, PN-C-96008;
    • sniff test (organoleptic method) acc. to PN-EN 589;
    • density at 15°C (based on calculations) acc. to PN-EN ISO 8973;
    • calorific value (based on calculations) acc. to PN-C-96008;
    • absolute vapour pressure at (-15), 40, 70°C (based on calculations) acc. to PN-C-96008;
    • density at 15.6°C (based on calculations) acc. to PN-C-96008;
    • mineral oil content (by weight) acc. to PN-C-96008;
    • determination of soluble residues (gas chromatography method) acc. to PN-EN 15470:2017-08
  • Issuing test results documentation.



Consultancy in:

  • quality requirements regarding tested samples,
  • quality of the customer’s product: at the stage of delivery, handling, in production and at the release of the end product,
  • assistance in composing mixes of liquefied petroleum gases (LPG) meeting quality standards and legal regulations,
  • requirements regarding commercial documentation confirming product quality.

Training in:

  1. Sampling of liquefied petroleum gases (LPG, propane, butane, propane-butane) as per the currently binding standard PN-EN ISO 4257 and ZN/MG/CN-18:2007 (at the Terminal in Brzeźno).
  2. Performing tests using methods binding at the Laboratory
  3. Operating testing apparatus and supervising the equipment
  4. Implementing the management system at the Laboratory in line with PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025.

Additional services:

  • Performing internal audits at testing laboratories.
  • Issuing opinions and interpretations regarding tested samples.
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