Technological installations


Technological installations

If you are a businessman running your own company and if you are interested in

  • ecological
  • comfortable
  • modern
  • economical

Ways of using gas in your business, consult us.
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We respect your time and money by custom-tailoring our offer to your needs and expectations. By ensuring an uninterrupted supply and professional customer care every day, we provide comfort and safety for your business.

We offer:

  • A product of proven quality
  • Complex construction of the tank system
  • Lease or purchase of gas systems
  • 24/7 service support
  • Punctual deliveries
  • Comfortable payment conditions

We guarantee:

  • Custom-tailored terms and conditions of co-operation to suit the demands and the expectations of our customers
  • Reliable co-operation regulated by contracts
  • Complex and professional service

Wide use of liquid gas in business:

  • animal breeding
  • agriculture
  • drying plants
  • heating of halls, large open spaces, church buildings
  • manufacturing processing
  • construction
  • bakeries, confectioneries, catering
  • municipal boiler plants