“…the high quality of the LPG supplied to my filling station and punctual deliveries are remarkable. A long-term co-operation agreement guarantees adequate conditions for pursuing my business and meets my needs and expectations.
More than 4 million litres of the Propane-Butane mix supplied to me by TEZET have always complied with the standards and even, what should be particularly stressed, have oscillated around the upper parameter limits.
Drivers buying petrol at my station confirm this.”

“… deliveries are always on time and the quality and quantity of the supplied gas have never given rise to any reservations. We can count on the support of a highly qualified technical staff. We can recommend TEZET S.A. as a reliable partner in business…”

“…deliveries are on time, comply with the arrangements made and are of satisfactory quality, which is always confirmed with a quality certificate and in the opinions of LPG users. Business co-operation is based on a clearly defined policy and partnership… “

“…TEZET S.A. has been our supplier since the beginning of our operation, that is since 1999. Deliveries are on time, comply with our orders and are implemented in a reliable and competent manner.
The supplied gas is of high quality, as confirmed by the tests performed by the Trade Inspection… “

“….high quality gas, on-time deliveries complying with the arrangements made, plus ongoing contact with the Sales Department are among the most important assets of this supplier… “

“…the services offered by TEZET are of top quality, and the company itself uses modern methods of co-operation, and demonstrates high technical and organisational potential, professionalism and openness to the customer. We are satisfied with the long-standing co-operation with TEZET; we get on very well and our orders are implemented on time. We can recommend TEZET as a professional and reliable partner.”

“…being a trade partner for many years, so far we are satisfied with our co-operation with the Company that shows care for the quality of the supplied gas and the punctuality of deliveries. TEZET is a reliable and competent company which meets contractual conditions and is always ready to offer assistance in adapting its offer to customer needs. The average number of monthly deliveries is 20-25… “