TEZET for Brzeźno

TEZET actively supports the residents of the Brzeźno gmina, located near Chełm, which is home to the TEZET Liquid Gas Reloading Terminal.

In August 2008 TEZET was one of the main sponsors of the festival – “The Days of Brzeźno.” All day attractions provided by the sponsors for this event included, among other things, a volleyball competition and performances of local music groups. Prize contests and a demonstration by the local Voluntary Fire Brigade were other highlights of the day.

This was not the first instance of TEZET supporting the Brzeźno gmina. The Management Board of the Terminal meets the local authorities and representatives of the most important local institutions, such as the school board and the heads of the Landscape Park, on a regular basis. The launch of a tree planting campaign in the school grounds (as part of which 100 spruce were planted) was one of the outcomes of these meetings.