On 24th October 2013, at the official Entrepreneurship Gala, TEZET was granted the Business Award of the Mayor of Lublin in the Green Business category.

TEZET’s terminal is located in the immediate vicinity of the “Rozkosz” nature reserve which is unique in the world scale. Investment projects intended to protect this area have not deteriorated the natural values of the Reserve; on the contrary, they have contributed to the increased number of nests of birds facing the risk of global extinction. These projects contributed to TEZET’s evaluation by the General Directorate for Environmental Protection, in Natura the 2000 division, as a company meeting the highest environmental protection standards and a model company involved in and developing protection action plans for specific areas.

It has been the sixth time when the Business Award of the Mayor of Lublin has been granted. The award is intended to distinguish flagship companies representing the city and the region, which use best practices in their business activities. The competition promotes enterprises recording sustainable growth and becoming economically successful, but also those which act to the benefit of their environment.