Proven quality matters most

On 25th-26th April, 2012, the facilities of the Trans-shipment Terminal in Brzeźno played host to inter-laboratory studies organised by the POLLAB-PETROL division of the Polish Research Laboratory Club (Klub Polskich Laboratoriów Badawczych). The studies were co-ordinated by the Automotive Industry Institute (PIMOT) in Warsaw – Laboratory for Petroleum Products and Bio-fuels.

LPG samples were collected from a TEZET road tanker to conduct comparative studies in 16 research laboratories across Poland. The laboratories will conduct research in accordance with the Polish Standards: PN-EN 589:2009 “Automotive LPG fuels – Requirements and methods” and PN-C 96008:1998 “Petroleum products. Hydrocarbon gases. Liquefied gases C3-C4”.
Inter-laboratory studies involving the collection of LPG samples in accordance with the Polish Standard PN-EN ISO 4257:2004 were organised for the first time in Poland. All enrolled representatives of laboratories from across Poland took part in collecting LPG samples from the road tanker.

TEZET, acting as the co-organiser of this event, would like to thank all participants for their willingness to get involved in these inter-laboratory studies, which are of great importance for the development of companies and laboratories representing the fuel industry.