On February 18th, 2009, Rzeczpospolita advertised an interview with Tomasz Berzyński, CEO of TEZET S.A.

The whole interview will be included in a compilation entitled Portrety Listy 500 (Portraits of the Top 500 List) prepared by Rzeczpospolita. The publication will appear as soon as May 2009 under the imprint of the Presspublica publisher. It will present profiles of CEOs of the largest companies from Lista 2000 (Top 2000 List).

Lista 2000 is an annual ranking by Rzeczpospolita of the strongest Polish companies with the highest turnover and revenues and outstanding dynamics of development in comparison to other companies on the market. In the latest Lista 2000 of 2008, TEZET took 389th position, thus improving its position by 554 places as compared to the previous year. It was also ranked 22nd among the fastest growing Polish companies in 2007 and 2nd among the fastest developing businesses in the Lubelskie Voivodeship.