1 % makes a huge difference!

The continuing success and professionalism of TEZET S.A. not only obliges us to provide services of the highest quality, but also makes us responsible for our surroundings and care for those who need support the most.

For more than ten years, all vehicles operated by the Little Prince Children’s Hospice in Lublin can refuel with LPG up to any amount and free of charge at our company gas station in Lublin. Thanks to this, each day the medical teams, i.e. nurses, doctors, physiotherapists, and their equipment, can reach the homes of more than fifty patients in the entire Lublin Voivodeship.
By co-operating with us, you contribute to bringing help to incurably and terminally ill children. Our joint efforts give them relief from pain and moments of joy.

We also encourage you to contribute 1% of the PIT taxation, as part of the annual tax return procedure, to the Little Prince Children’s Hospice in Lublin. The current and easy to fill-in form can be downloaded with this tax return application: here.
Find out more about the operation of the Hospice at www.hospicjum.lublin.pl