Fire Service exercises at Terminal in Brzeźno

4 November 2011 r.

On October 27th, 2011, exercises of the National Fire Service of Lublin were held at the TEZET Liquid Gas Terminal in Brzeźno near Chełm. The assumed goals of this exercise included the failure of a hose during the emptying of a tanker at the railway tanker unloading front. As a consequence of a failed shear […]

TEZET Sp. z o. o. winner of the competition “Employer – organizer of safe work”

28 October 2011 r.

On 28 October 2009 the winner of the competition, organised by the National Labour Inspectorate in Lublin, was announced. The winner in the category of companies which employ up to 50 staff was TEZET Sp. z o.o., owner of the Liquid Gas Reloading Terminal in Brzeźno. Only companies which have been nominated by the Regional […]